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Is your struggle with porn becoming unmanageable?  Does is feel like an addiction? Is it affecting your life, your relationships, your sense of purpose? 

Freedom For has helped people just like you overcome their struggle with pornography and find restoration, healing, and hope in the process.



Bad news: Porn addiction and dependency are growing.
Good news: So is the research.

Using science-backed principles for trigger identification, relapse prevention, and building support and confidence, this program draws from a broad base of insight to produce effective results.

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When unmanageable, a struggle with porn affects us deeply. It has the potential to impact our relationship with ourselves, our loved ones, and our faith. But you probably already knew that. Freedom For is more than just behavior modification. It charts a clear path to restoration inside and out.

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You cannot out-shame porn. By definition, it is built on a taboo foundation. Attempting to extinguish it through shame and guilt often make the fire grow larger. This program is built on respect and dignity, using your strengths to help you take more control of your life.

See the research here and here.

Program Includes:

  • 4 live sessions with Counselor Pat Ward (P-LPC) in Oxford or Tupelo
  • Customized reflection work designed to help you gain insight, set healthy boundaries, and build a network of support
  • An ongoing therapeutic alliance that you can carry forward into challenges in the future
  • A guide to helpful resources to help you maintain your progress.  

Cost:  The cost of Freedom For is paid per session at the time of each session.  My session fee is $145 each.

No Risk Guarantee: If you decide that this is not a good fit for you during our initial session, then you will not be billed for that first appointment or the rest of the program.

Although this fee is comparable to other counselors in our area, I have set aside a limited number of sliding scale appointments available for those facing financial hardship. If you are interested in learning more about these slots, don’t hesitate to ask. If I am unable to accommodate your needs, I will be glad to refer you to a number of trusted counselors who may be able to do so.

Getting Started is Simple:

1. Schedule Your First Session

Call, text or book online to find the best time to get started.

2. Show Up and Get Started

We will start working to get you what you need to find freedom.  You’ll leave with a plan for the rest of the program

3. Find Freedom

The counseling sessions will help you identify useful strenghths and resources right from the beginning.

Start Here

Call or text to set up the first appointment or ask confidential questions at (662) 709-7714. 

OR book your first Counseling appointment online.  Let me know you are interested in Freedom For when you fill out the intake form and we will email you more information after you book.

Freedom For is:

  • A tool for those who are ready to fight. As serious as the struggle is, you can overcome it and this program can help.
  • A path to healing. This struggle often draws on old wounds and creates new ones. As the name implies, this program is designed to offer more than just behavior modification.
  • Respectful and Discreet. Because this program is built on your commitment, openness and hard work, dignity and confidentiality are of the utmost importance. Session communication is protected and card transactions look like any other counseling session.

Freedom For is NOT:

  • A Porn Crusade. It isn’t set up to take anything away from anyone who isn’t convinced they have a problem and are ready to change. Changing the culture would be great, but that’s someone else’s fight.
  • A Religious Bait-And-Switch. You can’t overcome a struggle with porn through guilt, shame, preaching or any religious practice in itself. Freedom requires wise work in a healthy context in the right direction.

Freedom For MAY be:

  • A lifeline for your marriage. It can seamlessly transition into marriage therapy if necessary.
  • Your first victory in a long time. Overcoming a struggle with porn often leads to other areas of freedom and confidence.
  • Your next step of faith. In this work, many Christians find a deeper connection with the Gospel as they experience healing and grace in ways they never thought possible.

this is not a crusade.

this shame-free help for people who are ready to make a change.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from our sessions?

During our sessions, I’ll ask questions and do a lot of listening. Together we will look for places in your story that offer insight into the struggle or highlight an area in need of healing. When we discover some of those areas, we’ll work together to get what you need and come up with an effective plan to help you take the next steps.

Is this a Christian program?

Freedom For is led by a pastoral counselor who tries to be more like Jesus every day.  For Christians, this program can lead to a deeper understanding of the Gospel and a closer walk with God.  At the same time, we realize that people of all faiths (and no faith) can struggle with the effects of pornography.  Everyone interested in this program will be treated with respect and offered research-backed tools to help them take make the changes they desire, regardless of background.

What if I need more help, time, or sessions?

Everyone tends to move at their own pace with this work. For some, issues are accessible, change is simple, and support is broad. For others, it may take a little longer.  More sessions can easily be added to the end of this program to ensure that everyone is served well. Although you may quit at any time without further financial commitment, we will be in constant dialogue about our session goals and unfinished business to determine how long the program should last for you.

Can I join this program online or via Skype?

I will offer a few online slots if requested for those separated by distance or in need of an extra layer of confidentiality.  Online sessions will include everything mentioned in the previous question but will be conducted via FaceTime or Skype. I will be in a private room without interruption where no one else can hear. You should do the same in order to ensure your privacy and confidentiality are protected.

Do you bill insurance?

Unfortunately, I am not on any insurance panels at this time.  That is one of the reasons I offer some sliding scale slots for Freedom For. 

Ask More Questions Anonymously:

"I refer folks to Pat who need more in-depth counseling than I am qualified to provide. I trust him to provide the most professional and helpful support for each situation. I've only heard wonderful things from people who have used his services."

– K.K.

"If you're looking for someone to talk with that can help walk alongside you, look no further than my friend, Pat Ward. I give Pat my highest recommendation."

– K.H.

"Ever needed someone to listen to you without an agenda, without giving unasked for advice? Ever needed someone to help you discover your own solutions to your questions from deep within? Pat can help with these things and then some. I highly recommend his wise counsel and Spirit-led discernment!"

– C.C.

About Pat Ward

About Pat Ward

LPC Counselor, Freedom For creator

In my practice, I get excited when I see people walk away from struggle and shame into the life that God has for them.  I integrate the skills I learned in pastoral ministry with research-based counseling techniques from my Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health. Every day, I work with individuals and couples to help them overcome obstacles, repair their relationships, and shape their story as they move on to the next chapter.

In addition to porn recovery, I also love to help people work through issues associated with grief, depression, anxiety, addiction, as well as marriage and relationship conflict.  I’m a big fan of pre-marital counseling too.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to see clients under the supervision and within the community of my colleagues at The Wellness Centers of Oxford and Tupelo. If this service isn’t the right fit for you, click here to check out the other therapists there.